damian navarro
warm, cold, wet, windy the worst 2 months of the year coming up i just dont know what to wear anymore

Vans Zapato Del Barco

im loveing these vans boat shoes i think i might have to get some for summer specially the light blue and black ones or wild…
damian navarro
damian navarro Jun 26, 2013

xmas films

MERRY XMAS i thought i would post some of my favorate xmas films over the years as it is xmas, this was pretty hard to do…
damian navarro
damian navarro Dec 24, 2012

Happy Halloween Must See Horror Movies 2

Happy Halloween everyone. i thought i would do another horror movie post of some of my favorate original films down the years obviously i can't put…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 31, 2012

Horror Movies Of The 21st Centry

I thought i would make a list of some good horror movies i have seen down the years from 2000 to present, i am big…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 22, 2012

Bands & Make up

i thought i would put some of my favorate bands, guys down the years only some of them my minds gone blank this is all…
15 new pics
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 19, 2012
Please Mr Postman - cover of the beatlesvid

Please Mr Postman - cover of the beatles

Please Mr Postman from the film Backbeat i love this film about the Beatles called Backbeat how they started with good acting and good cover versions…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 16, 2012
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 16, 2012

New T shirts & Night Out

i had a good night last night went to see a couple of old school oi oi oi punk bands at the 1in12 club in…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 14, 2012

Giant Garden

I dont know what its about but looks pretty good better than my camera work anyway. its like a scene from Honey i strunk the…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 12, 2012
Happy Birthday John Lennonpic

Happy Birthday John Lennon

i think his birthday was on the 9th October but its the thought that counts. i am big fan of his and the beatles
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 10, 2012

people to see

im just about to go to leave to go to Manchester today and meet up with some old friends the last time before i move…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 07, 2012

Leopard Lined Denim Jacket

im always on the look out for jackets because im really picky with them but i came across this pink  leopard lined denim jacket and…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 06, 2012
Motivation Musicpic

Motivation Music

so i started back at the gym a month ago because we have one in Queensbury where i live which is convenient but they play…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 05, 2012

new jacket.

i got myself a new jacket from Yesstyle which is one of my favorate places to shop. i have a thing for acid wash stuff specially…
damian navarro
damian navarro Oct 04, 2012
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About Me:

hi my name is damian navarro thanks for looking at my random page it is more for my music but i like to post things on to make it more interseting and help you get to know me and my interests other than music, to start with i am making my own solo album with my own recording equipment as it is something i always wanted to do, i play guitar for a post punk alternative band called the scavengers which plays around the UK also i play with a solo indie artist called daniel favella around the yorkshire area we have supported major bands around the UK and i have made a reasonable living by doing this but i want to push my solo career on one step closer to reaching my dreams of securing a career in music, i am not bothered about being the big thing but i want to be there or there abouts so i can make enough to make a decent and honest living, so i will be moving to the US as i think my solo metarial is better suited to that taste in music especially califonia and by making this change in my life i can also make a fresh start and put all my problems behind me.



Favorite Music:

4 skins, David Bowie, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Slaughter and the Dogs, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, afi, bad religion, band of horses, beach boys, beatles, biffy clyro, cat power, cock sparrer, damian navarro, deftones, dropkick murphys, flogging molly, generation x, iggy pop, johnny cash, kinks, marilyn manson, misfits, neil young, nick cave, placebo, pulp, radiohead, ramones, regina specktor, richard hell, rolling stones, ryan adams, sham 69, sid vicious, sigur ross, television, the buisness, the damned, the pixies, the specials, tiger army, weezer

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shooting stars

Favorite Books:

come as you are

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